How it Works

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We Evaluate and Insure Loans and Invoices

We evaluate individual borrowers and invoices they are selling. If borrowers comply with our high standards and have a good credit score, we proceed to evaluating their partners of which invoices we are buying.  After a positive evaluation, we proceed to insuring invoices we are buying. Eurler Hermes-owned Acredia AG Insurance insures deals, and we grant funding to a borrower/client.

We List the Insured Deal on the NEKSTER Platform

In order to list a loan/deal on the platform we double check that all the documentation is validated.   A deal is listed on the platform with a known payment schedule, a principal value, and interest rate. Investing in a deal is possible only to the amount that is available. NEKSTER always invests 10% of a deal, so the available amount is always lower than the actual deal.

You Receive a Principal Value and Interests to Your Account

After the loan is payed, you receive a principal and interests to your Nekster account. You are now able to invest both your principal amount and interests you received through the investment to new listed deals. And earn some more.

Why Are We The Best?

Investing can be safe, and profitable. We are here to offer you the opportunity to earn premium returns by investing in secure loans originated by our daughter companies.

The Nekster investing platform is just the first step. Why not have an actual account, where your money is always available to pay for staff? And the rest of it is always making you money!

The Nekster team will provide more and more loans, but only the ones that are insured and for which we can guarantee you buy back. We won`t leave anything to chance!


Registration is simple and it will take only a few seconds. After that you are just one step away from earning safely.

Adding Funds

Adding funds is possible only from your personal/legal entity account. You can start by investing as low as EUR 10.


Investing is easy. You just choose an investment according to the deal duration and interest rate. After choosing your deal, just add an amount and you are done.

I`m sold. Lets invest.

NEKSTER is the safest investing platform with premium returns!

All of the listed deals are insured by the biggest credit insurance group in the world.
I`m sold. Lets invest.