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How it works?


We evaluate deals with our own evaluation algorithm which is cross checked with the algorithm provided by Bisnode CreditCheck Company.


We insure loan at Acredia Versicherung AG Eurler Hemres credit insurance group and grant funding

Pre-funded loans

All listed loans have been already issued by the Loan Originators. Invest in loans that have already been approved by professionals. Also, we keep a part of every single loan.

Principal and interests

You receive principal and interest payments based on the borrower loan schedule. We provide the NEKSTER BuyBack Guarantee for ALL investments listed on the platform.

NEKSTER is the probably the safest crowd investing platform with premium returns!

I`m sold. Lets invest.
I`m sold. Lets invest.

Investing can be safe, and profitable. We are here to offer you the opportunity to earn premium returns by investing in secure loans originated by our daughter companies.

The Nekster investing platform is just the first step. Why not have an actual account, where your money is always available to pay for staff? And the rest of it is always making you money!

The Nekster team will provide more and more loans, but only the ones that are insured and for which we can guarantee you buy back. We won`t leave anything to chance!

All of the deals listed are evaluated using a 2-step evaluation process. To make sure that nothing goes wrong we partnered with Acredia Versicherung AG Eurler Hermes credit insurance group that secures deals listed on a platform.  With this manoeuvre, we created the most secure way of investing with a minimum risk of losing money.

To create as uncomplicated environment to invest as possible Nekster is not charging any fees and does not have any hiden costs. We dont charge for withdraws or deposits. We don charge for any investment you personaly choose to invest in.

Investing with premium returns on Nekster platform have never been easier. First you need to create an investor`s account. Then you transfer funds to your account. You can start by investing as low as 10€.

We Want To Be In Touch With  You!

It is user frienly, and all loans are secured. I think that other platforms like  Twino, Mintos and Viventor will have to change to compete with this.


This peer to peer lending  platform is actualy the most user friendly.  U get deposits and withdraws in 24h . And there are no fees. Plus all loans and returns are guaranteed. Goodbye Lendingclub and hello Nekster.


Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.